Underholdning til julebord stavanger

Selfies in general were present basically ever since cameras became more and more widespread. But they weren’t as common as now until Sony Ericsson released the Z1010 model which included a novum – a front camera which allowed it’s owners to create selfies whenever they felt like it. Before that it was more complicted. Cameras took more space and most people didn’t carry them around all the time. At first, selfies were linked mostly with myspace and were seen as a sign of bad taste. In comparison, early facebook pictures were incomparably more formal. Selfies re-emerged around the time when the iPhone 4 was released. It offered better quality of the pictures and made selfies become even more popular. Currently you can also use a selfie box and take great and original pictures with fantastic props. It’s a wonderful photobooth for events (photobooth til event).

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